DeSantis Demands Ilhan Omar's Deportation and Removal from Congress

While calls intensified for Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign from Congress after saying she puts Somalia's interests above all else, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is going one step further by demanding she is deported and stripped of her U.S. citizenship.

DeSantis' sentiments are the most severe of the backlash that ensued over the weekend, with Rep. Marjorie Taylore Greene calling her a 'terrorist sympathizer' and Donald Trump Jr. lamenting that the U.S. is not even in the 'top three' of her priorities.

Video emerged of Omar's speech in Minneapolis on Saturday where she declared she is 'Somalia first'.

'Expel from Congress, denaturalize and deport!' DeSantis, who dropped out of the 2024 presidential race earlier this month, posted to X on Tuesday. 

Rep. Omar is a member of the progressive squad of lawmakers in the House who emigrated from Somalia in 1995. She said in Somalian that her home country is her top priority when legislating in Congress.

Her second priority, according to a translation of the remarks, is Islam.


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