Navarro to Newsmax: Two Kinds of Candidates, Trump, Everyone Else

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  • 05/23/2023
Trade adviser to former President Donald Trump, Peter Navarro, told Newsmax on Monday that two types of candidates are running in the Republican presidential primary: those auditioning to be Trump's vice president and everyone else.

Appearing on "Eric Bolling The Balance," Navarro says, "there's two kinds of candidates running in the Republican primary: There's folks like Tim Scott, who Donald Trump genuinely likes, who's really running and auditioning for vice president ... and then the other group — which with [Ron] DeSantis now at the lead ... Nikki Haley is of that piece, Asa Hutchinson is of that piece — these are the people who are getting massive amounts from the globalist elites, [from] Silicon Valley and Wall Street and the multinational corporations who want to offshore our jobs to China, who want to bring across cheap labor. And who basically are the anti-MAGA forces who simply want Trump to be taken down."

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