RNC Formally Adopts Trump's 2024 Platform: Seal the Border, Demolish Radical Gender Ideology-- Winning

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  • Source: Breitbart
  • 07/09/2024

The Republican National Committee (RNC) Platform Committee has officially adopted former President Donald Trump’s 2024 Republican Party Platform with what it described as “overwhelming” support, detailing the comprehensive plan in a press release with 20 main points.

Before providing the specific points, the committee drove home the point that despite the United States’ great history, it is now at a crucial point, going in “serious decline,” as American values are under attack from the radical left and the country needs to deal with the consequences of leftist policies.

“Today we must once again call upon the same American Spirit that led us to prevail through every challenge of the past if we are going to lead our Nation to a brighter future,” the platform reads, calling out politicians for selling out to globalists, allowing open borders, and weaponizing the justice system.

In 2016, the release continues, the country took a turn in a positive direction under Trump’s leadership, as he unapologetically put America first, which led to historic economic growth and job creation. But after four years of President Joe Biden and Democrats at the helm, the United States has declined, with rampant migrant crime, the targeting of children, ongoing inflation, and global wars.


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