Tucker Carlson Says Trump Has Already Won the Election - Praises Choice of J.D. Vance as VP
Tucker Carlson is at the Republican National Convention this week and is speaking to various panels as part of the proceedings. Read More.
BREAKING: Biden DOJ’s classified docs case against Trump DISMISSED after judge deems Jack Smith appointment unconstitutional
“Former President Trump’s Motion to Dismiss Indictment Based on the Unlawful Appointment and Funding of Special Counsel Jack Smith is Granted in accordance with this order.” Read More.
Historic: Defiant Trump Raises Fist and Shouts Fight After Assassination-Attempt
By Wayne Allyn Root The takeaways from today’s assassination attempt on President Trump… First, thank God, President Trump is okay. Read More.
Trump Challenges Biden to Debate, Golf Match
Former President Donald Trump challenged President Joe Biden to take part in a debate this week, along with a golf match. Read More.
Hispanic Support for Trump vs. Biden Swings 20-Points
After prior reports on Joe Biden losing support among young voters and African-Americans, CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten is now tackling how Biden’s falling support among Hispanic voters could cost him two swing states.  Read More.
‘You’re A Piece Of Garbage’: GOP Rep. Troy Nehls Rips Paul Ryan Over Statements On Trump
Republican Texas Rep. Troy Nehls ripped former House Speaker and Fox News board member Paul Ryan over his comments made about former President Donald Trump.  Read More.
Dana White: "The most resilient human being that I’ve ever met in my life."
UFC CEO Dana White lavished heavy praise upon former President Donald Trump in a Fox News interview Saturday night. Read More.
Dr. Phil's One On One Interview With Donald Trump
Dr. Phil sits down with President Trump for a one-on-one interview where nothing is off limits.Watch the full interview with President Trump TONIGHT on the M... Read More.
Former Trump Confidant Steve Bannon "Not a Prison Built or a Jail Built That Will Ever Shut Me Up"
Bannon has been ordered to surrender to prison by July 1. This ruling comes after Bannon’s appeal was denied by a Washington, D.C. judge. Read More.
Watch: Trump's Message on Biden's "Pathetic" Executive Order Won't Stop The Invasion, I Will Stop The Invasion
FORMER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of our country by far, has totally surrendered our southern border. Read More.
Dennis Quaid endorses Trump: "I see a weaponization of the justice system"
Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid said in a recent interview that he plans to vote for former President Trump in 2024, describing the presumptive GOP nominee as someone who “stands up to people.” Read More.
'Misleading The Jury’: Alan Dershowitz Says That Alvin Bragg’s Team Told 2 Lies During Closing Arguments
Alan Dershowitz accused prosecutors from the office of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg of telling lies to jurors during closing arguments in the trial of Donald Trump. Read More.
‘Weak, Weak, Weak’: CNN’s Data Guru Says Primary Protest Votes Are Ill Omen For Biden Campaign
Enten asserted that Biden's primary performance as an incumbent candidate is historically "weak," with the lowest before him being George H.W. Bush, who lost. Read More.
MAGA: Loser Jim Comey Says Trump Is Coming for DOJ, FBI
Former FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday that former President Trump “is coming” for the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Read More.
Hilarious: Trump Demands Biden Be Drug Tested Before Debates
Donald Trump and other leading Republicans have argued Joe Biden should undergo drug testing for "artificial stimulation" before the presidential debates. Read More.

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