Trump Leads GOP Primary Field With 67%, Dominates Biden +8 and Harris +12

An interesting follow-up poll from Harvard Harris [DATA HERE] shows the continued strength of the Trump MAGA base against the field of GOP/Dem candidates and useful idiots.

With Donald Trump holding a commanding 67% lead over all other GOP candidates, one must ask why they remain in the nomination process without being able to break single digits.  The answer to that question reveals their corporate agenda.


Remarkably on page 25 of the poll the results show Kamala Harris is the most favored candidate to replace Joe Biden for the 2024 nomination.   Harris holds 24% as the replacement for the DNC nomination.

However, on page 33 of the poll, the question of Trump -vs- Harris is asked and President Trump handedly crushes Kamala Harris 52% to 40%.

Be of good cheer….  The nominee coming out of the DNC convention is unlikely to be Joe Biden.  However, as this poll reflects, even the substitute will start with an uphill battle.



Polling Station by Red Dot is licensed under Unsplash

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